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Daniel Govar

Currently Daniel is illustrating Grimm for Dynamite Entertainment – sequentials and covers. He is also doing storyboards for Marvel comics Infinite comics, and is working on a number of creator-owned projects such as RELAUNCH with Marvel executive Ron Perazza. He co-founded Comic Book Think Tank with Ron where he shares concepts and findings on creating comics digitally and the process behind it. He illustrates various book and album covers, and creates hundreds of private commissions and paintings each year.

Daniel’s genre’s of choice are superhero, fantasy, scifi, and horror. Daniel is renowned for his Tolkien and Dragon illustrations and co-founded the website, a Tolkien/Lord of the Rings website dedicated to illustrating all facets of the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. It has garnered numerous awards and has been seen in worldwide publications, such as Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide.

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