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Edgar Salazar

Edgar Salazar, a penciler working for DC comics on titles as, Constantine, Smallville, Deathstroke, JLA: Black Adam, etc. 

Started years ago with his self published comic book, Leviathan, published in Mexico. His first profesional work in the US was at HBO for the series Entourage (The ComicCon Episode) in which he did pin ups for a fictitious comic book His next work in the industry was for Layne Morgan Media where he did several issues of educational comics. He then worked with Blue Water Prod. penciling Victoria's Secret Service #3 and #5, then moved over to Dynamite Entertainment and  was on pencil duties  on titles as Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars, Project Superpowers, etc. , after that started working for DC Comics in the title Deathstroke for six issues, and where  has kept doing  pencil work on different titles to this day.


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