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Georges  Jeanty

After majoring in the Fine Arts , at Miami-dade University, he considered a career in acting, but decided to use his artistic talent to pursue a career as a commercial artist. 

Inspired by the comics he read as a kid- superhero icons like Luke Cage and Blade- he made comic books his focus. His artist influences includes John Bryne, Michael Golden, Alan Davis, and others. 

His first break in comics was Paradigm #1 (1994) published by Caliber Comics. Soon after, he worked on some of the bad girl books at London Night Studios. Laying his artistic hands on various London Night characters such as Poizon, Stryke and Razor, he was, consequently, arrested, arraigned and acquitted. This led to his work with other underground comic publishers, plus a stint as a resident artist at Gaijin Studios. 

And what a call! Georges was asked to audition for, and later offered, the monthly comic Bishop: the Last X-man. His earlier Marvel work also included a Gambit mini-series (also an X-man) and Deadpool- the “merc with a mouth” who is not an X-man, but still a mutant! After receiving rave reviews for his stint on Deadpool, Georges continued his mutant-mania with Weapon X and another Gambit project-this time as an ongoing monthly comic series. 

In addition to being an incredibly charming artist, Georges is a man of many hats- adventurer, scholar, Prince officianonto, sometimes table dancer, and all around nice guy. But above all these talents "Comic Artist" best fits our man of mirth, mystery and intrigue!

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