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Our Artists

Tone Rodriguez


11"x17" B/W on art board                $150.
       (1 character, minimum background)
Additional Characters           +$50. each
8.5”x11” B/W HEAD/BUST              $75.
              B/W FULL BODY             $100.
11”x17” HOMAGE/RE-CREATIONS/RE-IMAGINED PIECES             start at $300. 
     (Prices fluctuate due to Complexity of Art-Logos/Lettering/Number of Characters and other factors)
(Smaller or larger pieces are possible, please ask about costs)
ADD Color Markers/Water Color  +$100.
     Colors are added to a separate piece of art board, so colors and line art are 2 separate pieces.
Sketch Covers 
        B/W bust/head drawing     $110.
        B/W full body                     $125.
        Additional characters         $25. each
        Color add                           $70.
        B/W 2 full body                 $150.
        Color add                          $100.
Cover art                   Starts at $250. 


Commission Examples