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Pages from Nailbiter #'s 12 and 13 now available for sale!

December 11, 2017

In issue 12: Reverend Fairgold prepares for his day by shaving. He walks downstairs to find his wife preparing breakfast. She goes on about their son and Louis reminds her that he sends his days in heaven now. He tells her that they have a meeting and he'll be home late.

At Sheriff Crane's home, Finch knocks on the door with Warren held close by. He reveals he had interrogated Warren and they now have information to share. When a sudden knocking at the door occurs, Crane rushes them into her room. Crane opens the door and Abigail Barker waits outside. She walks in and warns her about working with Finch. She tells her that Finch is not right in the head. Barker has a sudden vision about stabbing Crane in the stomach with a knife but snaps out of it. She excuses herself.

At the church sermon, Reverend Fairgold speaks about the need to stop the Buckaroo Butchers. The church then all dress in robs like a cult and yell together about purging the evil from the town.

At Crane's home, Warren tells them how he witnessed The Clown Killer get arrested. Walter's mom, Rose Kenny, pulled Warren aside and went on about wanting to cure her urges, not pass them down to her son. She told Warren to come back in a few hours for cookies. However, when he returned, a murder-suicide occurred and both of the Kennys were found dead. Warren went on to eat the cookies Rose had cooked for him and stared at the bodies.

To continue telling them the story, Warren tells them they must take him to the Serial Killer Graveyard. When they open the door, they find the Reverend Fairgold and his pack of dressed fanatics standing with him. 


In issue 13: Many years ago, Sharon Crane was at bonfire with friends. While playing truth or dare, she was dared to kill Warren. However, he intrigued her with comments about the hidden beauty behind the Buckaroo Butchers. They continued to see each other and eventually started dating.

In the present, Crane worries about having been spotted with Warren. Outside, Reverend Fairgold calls her out telling her she's been spotted. She goes out to explain to the mob why she has Warren but they won't listen. Finch walks out with Warren who starts snapping his teeth at people. Fairgold is embarrassed when he pisses his pants in fear and lets them pass.

Years ago, Sharon and Warren were talking about how many kids they'd want to have. One of Sharon's friends bursts onto the scene to inform her that The Blonde has been murdered. Crane exclaims how The Blonde is so cool and Warren just smiles at her reaction to the news.

In the present, the trio arrive at the Serial Killer Graveyard. They enter the tunnels where Warren shows them a painting with eight circles with either people inside. The same number of cells in the Serial Killer Graveyard. He tells them they need to go farther into the cave for more information. Finch snaps and threatens Warren. Crane starts to worry about Barker's warnings about Finch being stable. The journey deeper and find a statue that looks exactly like the one Finch found underwater.

A the Buckaroo Hospital, Warren sneaks into Carroll's room. He finds Reverend Fairgold waiting for him. He tells Warren he's a grieving father who wants to rid the town as he undresses Carroll's bandages around his severed appendages. Fairgold tells Warren he doesn't understand how some people find Warren charming and unexpectedly begins chewing on the flew of Carroll's severed stubs.