There are many places on Earth that are intrinsically designed to squelch the life from any creature that dare intrude upon their
treacherous domains. One such place is the sweltering heart of the searing desert aptly named Death Valley. From these
scorched, barren landscapes strode a man. A man who survived the planet's brutal assault through his sheer force of will and
unconquerable determination not to be added to the list of the slain. This man was NOT Kevin West.

Kevin grew up in Chicago where the temperatures are pretty tolerable and easy to adapt to. He studied art at the University of
Illinois in Champaign-Urbana (where the sun always shines day or night). After a couple of advertising layout jobs, he decided
to embark on the endless thrills of the freelancer. He has worked on a variety of projects over the years that have included
video games, story-boards,  designing various Christmas and Halloween products (ornaments, stockings, door panels and
animated figures), illustrating children's books,  theater posters and programs, character design, coloring books and of course,
comics. Since 1991 he has done work for Marvel, DC, Wildstorm, Malibu, Acclaim, Disney and several smaller independent
companies. His most recent work has been on Majestic, Blue Beetle, Nightmare on Elm Street, Gen13 The Authortity and
Modern Warfare: Ghost.  He is currently being held captive by his two teenagers in a western suburb of Chicago.
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